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September 2020
WELCOME TO THE GARDEN - new album out now
a joyful journey with handpan, didgeridoo, percussion, piano, guitar & a beautiful voice ...music for dreaming and awakening, for meditating and dancing


Summer night in Munich.
I wheel my piano to Marienplatz.
While arranging my things, the first children, trailing their parents behind them, come. What is he doing? What is all this for? A piano with drums? Candles all around?
Intro - I play a few notes 
more people gather
More notes
More people
The music begins to pulse
Even more people
Tall people, small people, rich people, poor people, old people, young people, people of all faiths, races and social classes stand together, united in being enchanted, in purely being human beings.
It is so pleasant to see this, it inspires me to play what I have never played before, to improvise, to draw from the moment.
Exchange of energy
All are enchanted and connected and with their presence, they are part of the spontaneous piece of art.
Sometimes it feels as if there was an invisible protective bell around us, as if there was no one and nothing around. 
Sometimes it feels like we're all taking off together.
Sometimes I get goose bumps myself.
I love it.
I love
to make people happy,
to move people,
to surprise people,
to make people laugh,
to make people dance,
to bring people together.
I love seeing the enthusiasm in your eyes when you suddenly hear the music for the first time.
I love to inspire you, to do your thing, to unpack your gift, to live your talent, without any compromises, being yourself without any net or double bottom.
I just did it and it was the best decision of my life to get rid of fears and security and just to live in trust in what was given to me as talent.
Inebriated by the many impressions, stunned by the thousands and thousands of tones, the cloud of sound that still echoes, I wheel my piano home.
I am happy and grateful that I get to do this.
Ralph Kiefer

Thanks for translation to Thea Gensert

March 2020
WE WILL DANCE TOGETHER AGAIN - new album out now

My Livestream concert from march 21, 2020 is available for download featuring extra long versions of your favorites & new compositions that like to guide you smoothly through this stormy times. 

To order a CD, send me a mail and let me know where to send it so that I can make an individual calculation for the shipping costs!

about the album:
"I invite you to enjoy the momentum, to dance, to pray, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, to imagine and create your new world the way you want it to be, on top of the wave of this music. 
Music from the heart, music for you, music for this time."

1. We Will Dance Together Again 06:44
2. Perdonare - Forgiveness  09:08
3. Let's Create The New World Together 12:51
4. Momentum - Russian Dance - Solar Flare  09:04
5. Dancing In The Rain   extended live version  08:41
6. Imaginarium   extended live version 08:56

Remember: In challenging times your donation helps me to stay pure and independant from music industry, feed my family and go on creating more of the music you love! 
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IBAN DE31 7015 0000 0904 1089 66

Thanks for your support and see you soon back in real life!
We Will Dance Together Again!

Best wishes, stay healthy!

NEW EP "Das Leben ist schoen" available now

My new mini album "Das Leben ist schön" is available as download - enjoy different versions of "DANCING IN THE RAIN". "DAS LEBEN IST SCHOEN" & an amazing feature with vocalist Anaj. You can listen for free anyway on bandcamp - click on the cover!

Free download for YOU!


IMAGINARIUM - enjoy my solo piano album

listen & download: 

"timeless, passionate piano music between ambient, classic, jazz and film music"
(Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

My new soul album features amazing vocal performances by Anaj, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Tokunbo, Fatma Tazegül and Omar.

"Think of the open mindedness and global funk and fusion rhythm in the Seventies, but also of the Acid Jazz movement during the Nineties and you get the picture of what “two” is about love, peace, being true to yourself and getting involved."

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