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Joyful piano & handpan music​     

Welcome to my homepage. I am an independent composer, pianist & handpan performer.

Thank you so much for your resonance & support! You enable me to bring more joyful music to the world! You can enjoy my music on all streaming platforms worldwide - check it out & follow!

...and don’t forget to follow my social media channels for weekly updates, concert videos & more infos:

new video on YouTube

a spontaneous collaboration with two traveling film makers - raw & authentic live from the street - an amazing capture of a spontaneous gathering around my piano - enjoy the rise of energy out of nothing and follow my channel to stay in touch!

CIRCLE OF LIFE - new album coming soon!

Circle cover_edited.jpg

It's time to record my new album with all my wonderful new compositions that you may have already heard while my street performances or in my videos and posts.

I would like to let you take part in the creation process as well as in the realization of this very special album.


With your support I will record, produce & distribute CIRCLE OF LIFE - my next album full of love, joy & positive energy.


Become part of my team

I feel it is time to build my team to create ideas to make my music accessible to more people - online and live in concert halls and all kinds of venues worldwide.

Can you imagine to become part of my tribe and support my work in the fields of management, social media & marketing, tour planning, booking, website design, video shooting...?

Feel free to get in touch!

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space to breathe

R​alph Michael Kiefer

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