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THE TURNING POINT - about my new album

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

When I reviewed the live recordings of my concerts at Odeonsplatz München of last summer I was thrilled by the quality and dynamics of the recordings.

That's why I like to share the most beautiful takes from various concerts as a digital album & CD with vibrant new compositions & an inspired medley of my greatest hits.

About the title:

I set the release date on new moon just a few days before winter solstice - the longest night and the shortest day of the year. This turning point marks the beginning of a new part of the year in the middle of the darkest & coldest time - from now on the days get longer, the light gets more and the energy slowly rises again. 

I recommend to take good care for yourself & your beloved ones especially in this time - take time, slow down, meditate, breathe, sing and dance joyful into the new all...

May my music serve as a bright loving guiding light through this time - whatever you wish!

I also see THE TURNING POINT as a reference to our never ending process of transformation in ourselves and following in the world we experience. 

I wish you that you can be as present as you can in each and every moment and feel free to create your own world, your own reality.

Thank you so much for all your beautiful resonance & support! 

Merry Christmas & a joyful new year!


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