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About the cover drawing - by artist Florentina Pllana

Upon my migration to Germany, life took on new dimensions, ushering in a wave of emotions and memories. Amidst life's challenges, one artist, Ralph, stood out, playing his heart out on the streets of Marienplatz.

Ralph's music resonated deeply with me, touching my soul and igniting my artistic spirit. His melodies had a profound impact, transporting me to another world. Whenever his music filled the air, it felt like magic, as if the music comprehended my spiritual state. It created a sense of connection, as if our souls were intertwined through the language of art.

One fateful day, unable to resist the pull of his enchanting music, I found myself sketching feverishly as Ralph's melodies echoed through the square. In less than five minutes, I captured the essence of that moment, freezing the emotions and the energy on paper. It became my way of preserving the magic that unfolded before me.

To my surprise, my humble sketch caught Ralph's attention. He welcomed it warmly, recognizing the emotional bond we shared through our respective art forms. In a beautiful gesture, he decided to feature my illustration on the cover of his upcoming CD. The joy and validation I felt were indescribable, knowing that my art had touched him just as deeply as his music had touched me.

May Ralph's music continue to inspire countless others, just as it has inspired me. May his melodies carry the dreams, infinity, breath, and challenges that reside within us all.

Florentina Pllana

December 2023

Feel free to check Florentina's work:

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